My Phone Number revealed….

During recent session in Intro slide I put my entire phone number except last three digits. It is stupid to do that.. may be or may be not..

Phone number is a 10 digit number with each digit ranging from 0-9. For example if my phone number is 3021067894 then

  1. Each position of phone number can vary from 0-9
  2. And every position is independent of other position. Example 3 at first position is not dependent upon 0 at second position.

Now coming to solve “Guessing Phone Number Problem”, for each position, from total 10 numbers only 1 can be selected. So probability of selecting a number from total ten number is 1/10. And since each position is independent of every other position we have (1/10)*(1/10)…

As I revealed 7 digits of my 10 digit phone number only 3 positions have to be guessed, simple right??

Total number of combinations: (10)*(10)*(10) = 1000 and

In that only 1 number is correct = 1.

So, likely chances of getting correct number (IN FIRST TRY) is 1/1000 = 0.001 or conversely 1-0.001 = .999.

That implies 99.9% times people still will not be able to find my number Smile.

Me being stupid:

Assumption here is only 1 try what if someone writes a loop and puts all numbers together, then probability he has my number is 1 (Certain).

May be it not that stupid after all…

  • I am not a celebrity for people to search for my number spending their valuable time
  • Even if they write a loop to get my correct numbers, what is feedback mechanism to check if they have right number or if I have given first 7 digits right Smile. May be call all numbers or may be use Machine Learning to guess my numbers…

Until next guess….



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