Octave – Introduction

Octave is an “Open Source Alternative” for widely used MATLAB. Octave can be programmed to solve numerical computations along with graphical representation data. Octave is generally used for solving ML problems.

Download link for Octave http://www.gnu.org/software/octave/.

Octave as detailed in article is compatible with MATLAB http://wiki.octave.org/FAQ#Porting_programs_from_Matlab_to_Octave and programs written in Octave can be ported to MATLAB.

Other tools in similar space are

Octave is a command line utility but there is a GUI tool that can be used along with Octave (similar to RStudio for R). To download click http://www.malinc.se/math/octave/mainen.php.

There is also a Cloud version of Octave https://www.verbosus.com/?lang=en (Ofcourse did not try it yet.. will try it and update with my findings)….

So, lets get our hands dirty..



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