CentOS installation steps on Windows using HyperVisor – Part 1


For building Hadoop Cluster on Cloudera Hadoop Cluster (CDH 5), first step is to install Linux. Using any of HyperV(Microsoft), VMWare Workstation (VMWare) , Virtual Box (Oracle) Linux installation can be done on a virtual server. This post details step by step installation guide for installing CentOS 7.0 using Hyper-V and Virtual Box.

Before starting installation download required ISO images from CentOS site. Click below link and download appropriate ISO image required.

http://isoredirect.centos.org/centos/7/isos/x86_64/  . For this walk through guide, CentOS-7.0-1406-x86_64-DVD.iso was used.


1. Open Hyper-V Manager on Windows Machine.

2. Right Click and select New -> Virtual Machine

3. A “New Virtual Machine Wizard launches”


  4. Click “Next” on New Virtual Machine Wizard to go to “Specify Name and Location” tab.


5. Enter Name of Virtual machine. HDPNameNode was entered below as I was building Hadoop Cluster.

6. Optionally, if alternative location is required, Select “Store the virtual machine in a different location” and enter path to store VM

7. Click Next to go to tab “Specify Generation”.


8. Selection “Generation 1”

Note: Need to check installation with “Generation 2” for Linux.

9. Click Next to move to “Assign Memory”


10. In “Assign Memory” tab, based on available memory on system and number of VMs that would run, assign memory to Guest OS.


10. In this section provide

  1. 1. Name of Virtual hard disk
  2. 2. Path where to store Virtual Hard disk.
  3. Size of Virtual Hard Disk (16 – 24 GB is good enough).


11. Select bootable image that was downloaded earlier.


12. Review Virtual Machine configuration and click finish to complete “New Virtual Machine” Wizard.


13. On Hyper V manager, new Virtual Machine “HDPNameNode” will be listed. Right click on Virtual Machine name and click on Connect.


This launches Linux bootable image. Next post will detail step by step installation of Linux (CentOS 7.0 version).



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