unified theory of everything

Currently am reading book “Doing Data Science” that asks reader to ponder on one of thought experiments, “How would data science differ if we had grand “UNIFIED THEORY OF EVERYTHING”

Disclaimers & Credis:

  • Neither I am expert machine learning nor do I possess intellectual or other capabilites to even grasp / internalse entire meaning and impact of such a profound question.
  • Quotes that I use here are NOT mine but are used from various books / articles / papers that I came across. And credit is given to all such authors where due.

With disclaimers and credits out of way, let me start with one quote that captures in everysense what this question poses. “Man is a microcosm of Macrocosm”.



  1. a community, place, or situation regarded as encapsulating in miniature the characteristics of something much larger:

    “the city is a microcosm of modern Malaysia”

    • humankind regarded as the representation in miniature of the universe.

      “the belief in correspondences between the Universe and Man—between microcosm and macrocosm”



  1. the whole of a complex structure, especially the world or the universe, contrasted with a small or representative part of it

Combining both definitions, “Every Man is an instance of humankind, which as a whole  is representation in miniature of universe, universe being THE WHOLE OF COMPLEX STRUCTUREimage” Or mathematically in its most simplistic terms it may be written as



M = Macrocosm , m = Microcosm and

image implies that delta (differential component) to integrate Microcosm (m) to reach level of Macrocosm (M) could be many different attributes like

  • Time: Time since Big Bang to next Big Bang
  • Behaviour
  • Abilities / capabilties
  • State of body, mind & spirit??

(integrated) become into something that may be we are still not able define in scientifc terms…. Just like in Normal distribution, if that grand unidified equation captures variation and confidence intervals in everthing that happens right from birth of a star to birth of a sub atomic particle, then there is degree of certainity in everything and may be there is no need of data science. Data science exists if there is “randomness and variability”.

Just a fun post.. to do justice to my reading book nothign more.

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